January 12, 2018

Okay. So you’ve finished packing up all that glitters into the last of the holiday storage boxes, and you are living in a state of appreciation at the supermarket because you can finally shop without hearing about sleighs, Frosty, or reindeer. You might have even taken it a step farther this year by abolishing New Year resolutions, vowing instead to take a more intrinsic approach toward your goals instead of one big (and often short-lived) leap that was fueled by a hangover.


These short days we are in now are sometimes a little dreary.  And maybe as you look out into that winter landscape, you are coming up a little gray.

Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix to feeling better. And you don’t have to buy anything or learn about investing or pulverize and swallow green things. You only have to open your eyes and start focusing on the beauty that surrounds you.

Here are five ideas that will help you bring beauty a little more in focus:

  1. Slow Down and Look Around.  It’s hard to see any beauty when you’re racing around, thinking about what to make for dinner or that awkward meeting you had with the boss. So make it a point to jump off the hamster wheel and for five minutes, look around and notice everything that is beautiful. You don’t have to write it down or enter it in your journal, just spend some quality minutes taking in deep breaths and noticing the beauty around you. The sky, trees, your children, your dog, the log burning in the fireplace, the smell of rain. Take it all in as if it were a deep, cleansing breath, and do it again for at least five minutes, noticing more and more.

  2. Do Something New.  That new funky gallery you’ve been going by every day for the past year? That one that usually makes you think, “Hey, someday I gotta go in there and look at the art.” Well, it’s time. Stop in today and smell the paintings. Step out of your usual routine and dive into beauty.

  3. Make a See the Beauty Playlist.  We all put together playlists for the gym so that we can pump ourselves up and get inspired, why not make a playlist that will help you see more beauty in your life? Put together a group of songs that will get you jazzed and inspire you to see the beauty in your life.

  4. Do Some Art. Doing art is a beautiful form of expression and a great chance for you to relax a little and release some stress. Spend some time today drawing, painting, or coloring things that you find beautiful. Or go with the flow and paint a “gloomy” winter scene. Chances are it will make you feel better than just staring out the window wishing it were spring.

  5. Go on a Walk. Take yourself on a walk and set the intention of noticing all the beauty that surrounds you. Not only smell the roses, but smell the trees, take in the snow, see the clouds, feel the breeze, touch the long reeds glazed in ice. (Wear traction devices on your shoes if necessary.)

Seeing beauty in your life is only a matter of shifting your attention. And when you do this, you can’t help but start living in a state of gratitude and appreciation.



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