I agree with Hallmark and See’s Candies.

February 14th really is the perfect time to celebrate love.

But while companies that cater to Valentine’s Day would want you to wait on flowers, candy, and cards from your favorite prince or princess--real or imagined--I would suggest taking a slightly different approach.

This Valentine’s Day, why not begin to fall in love with your own life and start celebrating all the beauty that surrounds you right now? Why not acknowledge and appreciate all your many blessings, the ones that regularly give your life joy, meaning, and excitement? Start rejoicing in those golden sunsets that follow you along the highway after a long day at work, your happy dog wagging his tail as you walk through the door, that delicious pizza you ate while binge-watching a new riveting tv show.

Our lives are filled with so much beauty. Each day we walk on this earth, we encounter magic and mystery. Just breathing free and easy is a blessing when you think about it. And that’s just the very beginning.

So I suggest using this official month of love, with all its red and pink and purple hues, to start falling in love with your own life.

It's worthy of a celebration.

Have a beautiful month!