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The SEE THE BEAUTY program has changed the way I look at my own life and has helped me recognize the beauty that has passed me by for years. If my house caught fire and I only had time to save a few things, my SEE THE BEAUTY journal would be at the top of the list.
— Meg M.
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the mindful gratitude boot camp: a 5-day journey to seeing the beauty in your life

The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp will take you on a beautiful journey to a place where anything seems possible. A place where you will discover how extraordinary, magnificent, and BEAUTIFUL your life truly is!

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I don’t believe in coincidences. So, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence you’re here. You’re exactly where you belong. Welcome to The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp!

This five-day introduction to the See the Beauty program will take you to a place of appreciation and grace, where you will learn how to be grateful and happy in the moment—not in a faraway future when everything is perfect—because, believe it or not, there is an awful lot to appreciate in your life right now. Yes, I said right now. Even with those extra pounds, the car with a bad case of the shakes, the even shakier finances, and the string of disappointing relationships. Even with your challenges and problems and all the swirling chaos, you are still surrounded by beauty.

But if you’re like most people, you’re caught up in everything that’s wrong with your life instead of what’s right. Your focus and energy are almost completely consumed by depressing news stories, the constant drain of social media, and never-ending daily frustrations. Somewhere along the line you went off track and wound up here, in this toxic garden, lost among a bumper crop of stress, sadness, depression, worry, and fear.

In fact, your life is regularly filled with so much quiet desperation that it makes you want to scream!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp is your first step on the road to a new way of living. Really living. This program will not make the negatives in your life disappear, but they will lose much of their doom and gloom quality. You will begin to put things in perspective and focus more on the joy of living and on the abundance of blessings you have.

This program will help you turn the volume down on the screaming, so you can start listening to the gentle whispers in your life. So you can hear, touch, taste, smell, see, and feel how beautiful your life is.

It will only take a few minutes a day to make this life-changing shift.

And all you have to do is begin...

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This book is amazing. I can honestly say this class and book will change the way you see yourself. It helped me redirect my way of thinking. I hope more people will SEE THE BEAUTY in their own lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jools.
— Sara W.


One afternoon years ago, after writing all morning, I decided to take a walk. I slipped on my shoes and headed outside where I soon started thinking about celebrity gossip, bad politicians, the five pounds I’d gained that month, the mistake in my phone bill, and the plot line that wasn’t working in the novel I was writing. It wasn’t until later when I got back home and looked out the window that I saw what I had missed: the white-capped mountains in the distance, the purple wildflowers blooming, the wind blowing through the trees.

It had been a glorious day, one that had taken months of snow and ice and cold to get to, and I’d walked right past it, enveloped in a gray cloud of negativity.

I wondered if I did this all the time, if I obsessively focused on problems and annoyances while ignoring all the beautiful things in my life. The idea was troubling.

JOOLS SINCLAIR,  Author and Creator of  SEE THE BEAUTY


So, I bought a small journal and told myself that for the next month I’d spend some time in the late afternoons recording the beauty I saw every day. And not just sunsets and rainbows, but every type of beauty imaginable. Everything that put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. My daughter’s laughter, that first cup of coffee in the morning, the delicious dinners my husband cooked. The beauty of the people I interacted with, the beauty of a good writing day, the beauty of the books I was reading and the music I was listening to. The beauty in drinking wine on the deck in the early evening and the beauty of the soft fur of my cat at my fingertips.

I decided to give these special moments their proper respect and give them the attention they deserved. I certainly seemed to have enough time to dwell on all those bad things, why not spend at least a few minutes a day thinking about the good ones?

And that was how See the Beauty was born.

Living with an attitude of gratitude day in and day out has had a powerful impact. Years later, I can honestly say that this practice has changed my life—maybe even saved my life.

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My spouse died in early 2017. I can honestly say that Jools Sinclair’s See the Beauty class helped me through one of the darkest times in my life by reminding me that there is beauty everywhere if we just open our eyes, hearts, and minds to it... I cannot adequately express the importance of this book in our world. Being reminded of the positive in an often negative environment is crucial! Thank you, Jools Sinclair, for reminding us to see the beauty. I HIGHLY recommend this book.
— Debbie B.


In The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp you will learn how to focus on beauty for a few minutes a day. And in doing this simple activity, your life too will change.

But just so we’re clear, this program is not about slapping a happy face on devastating events or pretending that life is wonderful when you’re experiencing real difficulties or are living through a dark night of the soul. Life is hard at times. But if you’re honest, you know that it’s not like that most of the time. Most of the time, you have a say in what you focus on. You have a choice.

Choosing to pay too much attention to what’s wrong comes with a terrible, and often invisible, price: It will drain away your light, energy, and spirit. Negativity truly is a vampire, sucking away your life force one slurp and one day at a time.

This program is going to teach you a simple yet powerful technique that will show you how to unplug and refresh. It’s going to give you the tools to begin a powerful and life-affirming practice of seeing beauty in your day. And because love is at the core of The Mindful Gratitude Boot Camp, it’s a perfect companion to religions, philosophies, and beliefs that share that same foundation.

By setting aside a little time each day to appreciate your amazing life, the following will begin to happen:

  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you’ll see the abundance that surrounds you;

  • Instead of doubt and fear, you’ll feel gratitude for all the wonders you’ve been taking for granted; and

  • Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a crazy, cruel, and out-of-control world, you’ll begin to see that your own life is really not so crazy, so cruel, or so out-of-control but bursting with beauty.

I am so excited to share See the Beauty with you.

Like I said, it’s no coincidence you are here right now. Something inside you knows there is a better way to live. Something inside you wants you to start seeing the beauty. Listen to that voice. You’ve taken the first step. Keep moving forward.

Let the magic begin!

Jools Sinclair

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SEE THE BEAUTY works its subtle magic on you and at some point you realize your life is better. A lot better. And then you realize that it always has been. You just weren’t aware of it. That awareness is the gift that this program brings into your life. And that makes all the difference. Wow does it!
— Joseph K.
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