I can’t express how much I have enjoyed this class! I was already a fan of your work, but I appreciate this even more... Sign up now! It seriously was the best 30 days ever! I found myself looking for the positive things and the beauty and ignoring the negative things... My son is all about finding the beauty now!
— Anna H.
I don’t want this group to end, I’m enjoying it so much. Jools Sinclair, what a fabulous class you’ve assembled here, thank you.
— Lydia M.
If my house was on fire and I could only grab a few things before running out, my See the Beauty journal would be one of them. It’s that important to me. Through her excellent class, Jools Sinclair has helped me see and record the beauty of my day-to-day life. The resulting journal feels like a window into my own soul. This program is priceless!
— Meg M.
I enjoyed the class.
— Donna D.
What a wonderful, joyful tool this is! Thank you so much for adding this to my life... Because of this class, I’m becoming even more aware of the beauty that surrounds me. Because of this class, I now SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TOUCH and TASTE the world differently than I did [before]... Jools Sinclair, it is with sincere gratitude and warm thoughts and friendship that I say thank you for all of your time, guidance, cheerleading and absolute dedication to our group. I look forward to all you have to offer like this class in the future. Thank you.
— Susan J.
Lives have been changed for the better because of this class!
— Twila P.
This has been such an awe inspiring experience. Thank you for your leadership. Your poignant remarks and comments have been touching and beautiful.
— Sheila W.
Thank you so much, Jools! I loved the class and it has really helped me see the beauty in every day (and I was really having trouble with that lately)! This was such a great way to start the year off right!
— Molly M.
Seeing the beauty can actually change my mood. I am a happier more empathetic person... I was addicted. I found myself on my sleepless nights checking my STB Group! I actually look forward to my 20-30 minutes in the evening with my journaling... I loved the sharing and the bonding over social media!
— Jan W.
Thanks for keeping us looking for the beauty the past 30 days!
— Susan L.
There aren’t enough words of gratitude to tell you how much this class has meant to me. It has been my quiet moment at the end of my day to reflect and clear my mind. I actually thought it might be something that would be hard for me to keep up with but it I looked forward to seeing the beauty every day and trying to put it into words or pictures. I look forward to continuing with this group and my journaling. I love trying my hand at drawing. You have given all of us a true gift. Muchas gracias!!!! Many blessings to you. Xoxo.
— Sara H.