I wish I had the gift of words so I could describe how amazing this process has been for me. I will forever hold beauty in my world thanks to your class. I see the SEE THE BEAUTY class as awakening a part of me that was tired of sleeping.
— Sheila Walker-Kurilla, prevention specialist for JFCS, Philadelphia School District


“A happy teacher is a better teacher.”

Jools Sinclair

Teachers are my heroes. Day in and day out, against all odds, these brave women and men are our first responders in the war against poverty, racism, misogyny, apathy, anger, abuse, and neglect. And that’s not even part of the job description. Add in long hours and low pay and it’s no wonder teachers are leaving the profession in record numbers.

According to a recent comprehensive teacher survey…

  • More than three-quarters of teachers complained of health problems that are often linked with stress;

  • Almost two-thirds reported levels of general irritability (a warning sign that a person is having difficulty coping with stress); and

  • Nearly 60 percent said they feel chronic fatigue or exhaustion.

Sadly, if they’re not already there, most teachers are on the way to burning out.

During an emergency, airline passengers are instructed to put on oxygen masks first because if they don’t take care of themselves, they can’t help anyone around them. The same idea should apply to the classroom. It’s vital that teachers receive the emotional air supply they need to survive if they are to help students. But far too many teachers work in the educational equivalent of the Everest death zone—a place where there isn’t enough oxygen to breathe.

The oxygen I’m talking about is gratitude.

What’s so special about gratitude?

Gratitude changes everything.

It allows us to focus on what’s important. It helps put things in perspective. It helps us sleep better. It gives us the power to endure hardships and rise above tough challenges. It helps us get along better with coworkers. Gratitude makes us happier. And stronger.

Scientists have also discovered that people who cultivate a habit of thankfulness on average:

  • have lower levels of stress and almost 20 percent lower depression levels;

  • have increased self-esteem, willpower, and creativity;

  • are better problem solvers;

  • show increased mental strength;

  • perform better in athletics and academics;

  • have enhanced empathy and reduced aggression; and

  • have higher levels of good cholesterol (HDL), lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and lower blood pressure.

Having a gratitude practice is amazing medicine! But gratitude doesn’t just grow on trees. (Not on its own anyway.) It must be cultivated.

That’s because our brains have something called a negativity bias. These patterns of pessimistic thinking are rooted in the dawn of human existence, back from when our ancestors had to go out in the world and look for food. If they wanted to survive, they had to focus on the negatives, they had to think and act as if there was a predator behind every bush. If they didn’t, they could easily become someone else’s lunch.

We may no longer be on the menu, but our subconscious minds don’t know it.

And that’s where See the Beauty comes in...

See the Beauty is a mindful gratitude program that teaches people to be intentional when it comes to appreciating their magnificent lives. Not in some far-off, distant future when everything is perfect, but right now, in this very moment. When we start focusing on what’s good in our lives instead of what’s wrong, magic happens.

How can See the Beauty help your school?

This simple yet powerful gratitude training will show people at your school how to be more mindful of the beauty they encounter daily. Just a few minutes a day will result in a huge turnaround, and it won’t take long before you start to notice these positive changes:

  • people will be happier, healthier, more energized, and more productive

  • teachers and staff will be more unified

  • fewer sick days will be used

  • the entire school community and culture will improve

But let’s be clear. See the Beauty is not a Band-Aid. Living in gratitude is not about pretending that problems don’t exist. Problems need to be addressed and solved.

But gratitude can often be a key that opens doors and lets us find solutions where none seemed possible before. It can give us the strength to face and overcome our challenges. We are all stronger when we choose to live in the light instead of the dark.

There are so many things in life that are beautiful, but we let the negatives take away the focus. I took so much away from this that I constantly seek to find the beauty in each day, whether or not I record it... It is comforting to know that the beauty is there and all we have to do is open our minds to it.
— Anna Holmes, 4th grade teacher, Pontotoc City Schools

Jools Sinclair has been an educator for more than 20 years, teaching elementary school as well as community college writing and continuing teacher education courses. A while back she took some time off to pursue her own writing career, eventually becoming a national bestselling author, before developing the See the Beauty program. She holds a bachelor's degree from UCLA and a masters in education from Pacific University. Jools sweats it out in the heat of a runaway Arizonan dream, being extra mindful not to yearn too hard to dip her feet in a cool mountain lake from time to time. In her spare time she writes fiction, swims, grows tomatoes, cooks, travels, and is a docent at the Tucson Museum of Art.

On a personal note, I have to tell you that I spent the hardest five years of my life teaching elementary school. I loved being with the students, but the job involved so much more than that. It was overwhelming. I can’t help but wish there had been a program like See the Beauty back then to help me find the strength to be a better teacher. I know it would have made a huge difference.

Maybe that’s why bringing See the Beauty to schools is so important to me. It’s personal. And I’m excited to do it.

I hope we can work together in the near future to improve the quality of life and education at your school!

Jools Sinclair

A program for everyone

Please note that even though the program is called Teacher Wellness, it’s ideal for the entire staff (aides, secretaries, kitchen and custodial workers, and of course administrators). The higher the level of school-wide commitment, the greater the rewards.

See the Beauty is a 30-day program, but the ripple effect lasts much longer. I still have teachers writing and thanking me for a class they took years ago. Once you learn how to keep your eyes on the prize, you can never completely unlearn it. And while participants may not continue keeping a daily journal—which I encourage them to do—they will still practice much more gratitude than they did before the program. The bond your staff develops by sharing the beauty they encounter daily will also be a lasting benefit.

Also, it’s never too early or too late for schools to begin a journey toward mindful gratitude. See the Beauty is an amazing way to kick off the start of a new year, but it can also be the perfect energy boost your staff needs in the middle of winter or as you get ready for state testing. So, check out the options below and get ready to See the Beauty!

See the Beauty Workbook Front Cover for marketing.jpg


Includes everything needed to start a mindful gratitude program at your school…

  • 30 copies of See the Beauty: A Mindful Gratitude Workbook to Celebrate Your Magnificent Life (a value of almost $600)—additional copies available at 40 percent off regular price plus free shipping

  • Dynamic, interactive instructional videos

  • Unlimited email access to help answer questions

  • Follow-up video with motivational ideas for continuing the program year-round

  • Access to private See the Beauty Facebook group to interact and share

  • 75 percent savings compared to a live, in-school visit—plus no travel fees

Cost: $547


Each 60-minute presentation includes the following...

  • 30 copies of See the Beauty: A Mindful Gratitude Workbook to Celebrate Your Magnificent Life (a value of almost $600)—additional copies available at 40 percent off regular price plus free shipping

  • An introduction to See the Beauty

  • A thorough explanation of how the program works

  • Hands-on exercises

  • Tips for success

  • Time for questions and answers

  • 30-minute online follow-up Q&A session with ideas on how to keep the practice going

  • Facebook group page for your staff to interact and share their beauty online

  • Any size audience

Cost: $2000

(plus travel expenses for visits outside the Tucson and Phoenix areas*)

* Travel Expenses… Pacific & Mountain time zones: $600 /// Central & Eastern: $800

I can honestly say that Jools Sinclair’s SEE THE BEAUTY class helped me through one of the darkest times in my life by reminding me that there is beauty everywhere if we just open our eyes, hearts, and minds to it... I cannot adequately express the importance of this book in our world. Being reminded of the positive in an often negative environment is crucial! Thank you Jools Sinclair for reminding us to see the beauty.
— Debbie Butler, retired teacher, Scottsboro City School District